Hand drawn explainer videos

‍We produce short animated videos, made with hand drawn illustrations.

Your video

Simplicity and performance.

‍Be understood in less than 2 minutes

‍How can you explain complicated topics with the simplest means? We won't paint you a picture, a clear and understandable sketch speaks a thousand words!

‍Increase your traffic and sales

‍An explainer video featured on your website doubles your chances of being found by a client through a search engine. While watching the video, the client stays longer on your website, which increases the chance of an online purchase.

Save time on your communication

‍When you choose a BenoîtDessine video, you know from the start the graphic style and the cost, and only need to concentrate on the essential: ensuring your message is well expressed by our team.

Our methodology

A 3-step process.

1. Script

‍We get acquainted with your subject and its stakes during a phone interview. Then, we send you the voiceover text (150 to 300 words).

2. Story Board

‍Once the text is approved, we send you a story board where you can visualise the final aspect of the video.

3. Production

‍Once the drawings are approved, we work on the animation, record the voiceover and sound effects, and deliver a High Definition video.


6 years of experience in animated videos for marketing


Among our past work, web information campaigns, internal communications videos, product presentation videos and many more projects!


‍After an education in Fine Arts and Art History, Benoît put his creative expertise to use, by founding the Umaps agency and running BenoîtDessine.


To complete your video, we rely on our network of partners. They especially bring their skills on postproduction and sound design.


Our agency is made up of a team of 9 people. Writers, illustrators, graphic designers, animators ready to work on your project.


Located in Montreuil (eastern Paris, France) in a creative multimedia business environment, we produce your videos wherever you are.


A project? Let's talk about it!